Climbing the tommy y la hoz

A perfect winter day would not be complete without a good ayacatera viita. Neither more nor less, the Sickle and Tommy mythical GEC to cap an amazing day.

Here some photos that will make us remember these great moments.

In these pictures we see among others Juan Carlos, who arrived without any knowledge of the island and decided to do the climbing course level 1, which will be hooked and wanted to continue the climbing course Level 2 which exceeded smoothly and after a bit of climbing with colleagues came to do level 3 which culminated in this beautiful day climbing la Hoz. Sure soon you accumulate more experience will come for 4.

To hire any course contact us climbing, you have all the info in

fronton hozApprox hozL2 hozRapel HozReu1 hozTravesia roqueLaHozL1 roqueLahozReu2 soporteTierra copy yoLaHozComba yoLaHozDiedro

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