Extraplomis one of the hardest ferrata Europe

Extraplomis is by far the most difficult ferrata of Gran Canaria and gives the toughest in Europe and therefore the world. This explosive track is not particularly high but us long tours collapsed roofs sites make it a real challenge for any experienced ferratero.
With the opening of this route Gran Canaria becomes a super full site for ferrata, ferrateros around Europe are making express trips to the island to complete the trilogy that will surely soon become a classic ferrata world.
And the entrance is super tough with a complicated roof and come after several crashes, plates and ceilings and lots of original more surprises.
Adventure Cananarias offers the possibility of a guided tour of this path for you to try your limits. This route runs almost parallel to First Moon (her older sister and much easier) so if we see that you’re suffering too long can be guided by an easier stretch relying mounted thoroughly several rappels.
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