The Ferrata La Gua Gua with Climb in Canarias

The ferrata are designed for one type of bold, adventurous and eager to experience new sensations public. It is a very safe activity if the rules are followed. No previous experience is necessary.
The ferrata have experienced very high growth in recent times. Its imposing Roques and landscapes make Gran Canaria a haven for this sport.
They are a sports itinerary, mountain situated on a rocky wall and is equipped with different specific material: nails, staples, dams, rails, chains, bridges, etc .. that allow the ascent safely to areas of difficult access for walkers or not familiar with climbing. Security is provided by a steel cable installed throughout the ferrata. The descent or return is on the trail or on foot.
Our professional guides will help you reach more inaccessible areas. An authentic and unforgettable experience for everyone. Adventure in Canary gives you the opportunity to accompany the ferrata of Gua Gua ranked as one of the longest in Spain, with 600 m of altitude and approximately a kilometer of travel. About three years it took to be fitted by an enthusiastic group of mountaineers from here to congratulate and appreciate your work.
Their difficulty is determined by very difficult due to its route and its large imposing column and duration. It takes about 5 hours up and down 1½ hours.



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