Extremosfera with Climb in Canarias

Adventure tourism is rapidly gaining popularity as tourists seek in our islands holidays unusual, different from the typical beach vacation.
This type of tourism is also directly related to the sport of adventure or risk, is a new sport so well in a team or alone puts man in touch with nature, where people aims to spend moments of adrenaline cost a risk percentage.
The Adventure tourism is a type of tourism that involves the exploration or travel to remote areas, where travelers can expect the unexpected, in this case our Canary Islands-general and in particular Gran Canaria – offer a wide range of possibilities, either in our skies, Paragliding, with or Paracaidismo-; our waters both in our Atlantic Ocean, -Windsurf, Surfing, Kite surfing, diving, etc., as in our ravines -Barranquismo-; also our volcanic soil in large landscaped fan -Hiking, Mountain Biking, etc.
The goal is, to surpass oneself, and for that the development of physical qualities, motor skills, great overall strength and, above all, a great psychological preparation and social ties among participants is necessary.
The Adventure has as main objective the promotion of adventure activities in nature and understand the environment in which they develop.

Are seeking adventure in the Canary Islands? While so far the only vision that exists on this earth focuses on the sporty side, these walls that present the unknown face climbing Canary: different rock on breathtaking landscapes where live classical routes free from difficulty, itineraries alpine cut and ways in which we will not leave his temper with an almost unbeatable while allowing us to scale throughout the year, Canary Adventure offers courses, tours and much more outings with the sport and participation in the performance of work like this; Reserve promotional video Extremosfera – Canary Islands

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