Roque Nublo

Only sport routes have been included in these topos

Climbing sectors Roque Nublo


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1.- ? V 3 bolts, No anchor
2.- Pumuky V Up the face and climb (walk) the ridge
3.- Nobody V+ 3 bolts, anchor on the ridge
4.- Metallica 7b+
5.- Classica 6a+
6.- Speed 6b+
10.- Alemana 6b+ 1 long pitch, 3 short ones, over 20 bolts and rings but no need to use them all, 15 are enough, I rapel 65 mts.
11.- Vía del aleman 7b+ It meets with Alemana 3/4 up the first pitch


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1.- ? V
2.- Maus IV
3.- Girls 6a+
4.- Spider 7a
5.- Life is life 6b+
6.- Teamwork 6b 2nd bolt very far away from 1th be careful.
7.- Blick Noch 6c+ Bolts quite far away from each other, be very, very careful.

Some climbers who bolted these crags include:
George Wolfsmitt, Herman Ranschert, Hans Langembacher, Agustín Fuentes, Salvador San Gines, Juan Cano, Juan Carlos Arocha, Juan Aguilar, José Alcantara, Francisco Quintana, GEC club, ENAM club, and more.